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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Gerin (Gender and Rindik)

Redite, Keliwon, Watugunung and 17 April 2011 is the last full moon in wuku of balinese lunar calender. My new album with harmony spirit of collaboration between Gender and Rindik (balinese traditional music). This music is perfectly for relaxation. Hearing thin music will make you like in deep balinese village.
I bring you 8 music in this album and GERIN is the title of this album. GERIN is acronym from GENDER and RINDIK.
1. Gerin Beli Teka
2. Alam Berduka
3. Ku Kirim Doa
4. Happy Dance
5. Tak Berdaya
6. Kasih Tak Sampai
7. Suba Kadung
8. Gender lan Suling


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